Steven Taylor Development
Development With A Personal Touch
Mobile Applicaion Development
Android Java iOS Swift
I have been independently doing mobile development for the past 6 years, mostly in Android land, but also in iOS when the need arises. When I received my Bachelor's in Computer Science, mobile development didn't exist. Everything I have learned is self taught, with the CS degree certainly lessening the learning curve. I have been tinkering and working with many of my own apps, learning the ins and outs and honing my craft. The two complete, polished, and Google Play listed apps I have been involved with are below and together they cover most aspects of my Android and iOS development.
Spiro's Quest
Spiro's Quest is simple 2D drag and drop game. Spiro's goats are continually escaping the pen, and you have to drag them back for him as they get faster and faster.
My Role
Except for the graphic design, I was in charge of the entire development of both the Android and iOS version of Spiro's Quest. This includes doing all the frontend and backend development and coding, as well as managing the release of the app onto the App Store and Google Play.
Circle Mayhem
Circle Mayhem is 2D survive-the-invasion style game. The circles have had enough of our shenanigans and have declared war against us. Fight through each level, collecting upgrades as you go. Build up your ship to defeat the every growing number of bigger, faster, and stronger enemy circles. And when you reach the final boss, hopefully you will be prepared.
My Role
I was in charge of the entire development of Circle Mayhem. This includes doing all the frontend and backend development and coding, all the graphics and music, as well as managing the release of the app onto Google Play.
Drinkmate is a miniature breathalyzer you can plug directly into your phone or tablet to measure and track your BAC, as well as tagging the location where you took the reading. For more information or purchase of a Drinkmate, please visit their website at
My Role
I was tasked with creating the Android version of the Drinkmate app. This included all the frontend and backend development and coding up through verion 2.1.3. The real challenge of this project was managing the external USB device with the Android lifecycle and the different phone architectures.
Website Development
Frontend, Backend....And Everything Inbetween
I have been independently doing web development for the past eight years. I deal predominately in bootstrap / javascript / jquery frontends, and php / mysql backends, with Ajax to connect them together. They are all mobile friendly and work on any size screens. Most of my sites have been simple splash page type sites (including this very site), but they have all been done soley by me. The real powerhouse showcase of my web development prowess is Elite Trivia.
Elite Trivia
Elite Trivia is an online crowdsourced trivia game. All questions are generated by the users. This provides a wide variety of questions covering a large range of categories. Elite Trivia is a traditional Q&A style trivia game. Your won't find multiple choice questions here. But Elite Trivia is a trivia game, not a spelling contest. There is a certain level of forgiveness and leniency for spelling errors. Each question is independently validated by Elite level users. This makes sure the quality and correctness of the trivia is high. On top of tons of stastical analysis, users can also achieve 30+ badges. See more at
Elite Trivia is built with a traditional REST style architecture. The frontend is a bootstrap 4 shell with jquery controlling all the functionality, look, and feel of the user interface. The backend is hanlded with PHP conversing with a large MySQL database. The client side and the server side connect with each other with Ajax controllers, passing JSON back and forth to manage the information. I would highly reccomend toying around on the site with the test user.

Other Websites
Game Development
Python and Pygame...For Now
While not new to python or game development, I am new to the combination of both. I have used python a bit for small scripting needs or math problems and my game development experience has been mobile apps (Goatherder and Circle Attack). So, wanting to combine both disciplines, I decided to start off with something small; to build my knowledge of python and to expand into more complex game design. I decided to use Pygame to create a 2D, birds-eye-view shooter. The result: Robot King.
Robot King
The first in a 3 part series, Robot King follows the journey of a robot on a quest to find his place in a kingdom where everyone seems bent on his destruction. Navigate through 4 unique areas, collecting gold as you go. Customize your robot with 40 possible equipments. But with only 10 equipment slots, various builds will have to be utilized to make it through the harsh terrain and boss levels. Combined with 2 different gameplay modes, Robot King offers a wide variety of options for different player styles. Robot King is currently available on the Steam Store.
My Role
I was in charge of the entire development of Robot King. This includes doing all the frontend and backend development and coding, all the graphics and music, as well as managing the release of the app onto the Steam Store.
Robotics Development
Raspberry Pi And Arduino Applied Robotics
I am fresh on the scene with robotics, but with nothing short of a strong desire to learn. I was involved with robotics in college, but that was a while ago and I have since moved onto different things. But with the creation of the Raspberry Pi, the accessability into the world of robotics in connection with software development became to tempting to pass up and I started doing what I do best, tinkering. Since then I have been building up a strong base of circuitry and work with the Raspberry Pi to match my mobile/web development skill set.
Edcar is a one of a kind robotics tutorial kit. The goal of EdCar is to build a car that can be remote controlled by an app on a mobile device. But the reward is the knowledge gained through the extensive tutorials. When a user finishes building EdCar, he/she will be ready to undertake larger, more complex projects with a greater confidence than with traditional plug and play kits. The goal of this project is to be a zero barrier of entry robotics kit, which means there isn't an aspect of EdCar that the user won't be learning about. There will be tutorials for Java, Android, Swift, iOS, Python, Raspberry Pi, and Circuitry. This project has been temporarily tabled to work on other things. The car itself is complete, but the tutorials need to be finished. But feel free to visit the website for more information:
Sebastian is a learning robot. More specifically it is a robot that learns to walk on its own. It uses HyperNEAT (an evolvable neural network) to accomplish this. HyperNEAT uses a genetic algorithm to evolve a Compositional Pattern Producing Network (CPPN) that indirectly encodes the weights of a highly dense Artificial Neural Network (ANN) which is used to control the actions of a robot. HyperNEAT is capable of utilizing geometric information about the problem when defining the ANN input and output substrates. Typically ANNs utilize sigmoidal activation functions, but CPPNs employ various activation functions (sigmoidal, gaussian, periodic, etc.) that can represent patterns with regularities such as symmetry, repetition, and repetition with variation. In other words, it rapidly simulates evolution through generations of attempted walking.
My Role
I was tasked with creating communication links between HyperNEAT (the brains) and the robot itself, as well as the communication links between HyperNEAT and the simulated robot in Unity3D. All coding was done in C#.